Evolve – dont change the core of your brand #wolfSIGHTS

Dont fix it, if it aint broken!! BUt do evolve from positioning to purpose!!

#wolfSIGHTS #SurprisinglyMom #Santoor

Santoor is one of the number 1 soap brands in its segment in most of South (doing well even in the green soap market of Tamil Nadu) & has recently started doing very well in Gujarat also.Coming from the Wipro stable, this is no mean achievement going against the Unilevers of the world. That means not just the product but the communication plank has worked really well for them.Now let’s decode the Santoor advertising. At the core is the premise “Surprisingly a mother”. Targeted at the Young Mistress of the household who is the key decision maker for atleast 80% of all household FMCG purchases, this proposition works on the “wanting to stay younger, in spite of having kids and touching late 20’s early 30’s woman”.In today’s India everybody wants to stay younger for longer and be admired, hence this proposition stuck a chord with women at this stage of life for generations. Apart from this, the proposition also appeals to the younger/unmarried women and the older married women (remember for most of the ad – we end up thinking that this woman is mistaken to be an unmarried/younger woman), Hence the advertising has remained the same.However what seems to a normal person as a case of advertising remaining the same is not true entirely.Over a period of time, as the Indian woman has evolved, the portrayal of the protagonist in the Santoor ads also has evolved. From a proud homemaker & a normal mother, the woman portrayed has become an achiever with a career, doing her own business, seen as indulging in hobbies & passions. This is a subtle but with it change. So both the marketer & the advertising agency have worked to preserved the core brand proposition, while ensuring relevance and making sure that it does not get into a fuddy duddy/un-relatable world of the past.

NOTE: However, is Santoor doing everything right? Not really. While it should not change its core proposition, which it uniquely owns…it should evolve, keeping in mind 2 critical things:

(1) It is expanding its portfolio (deploying power brand strategy – when you have a mega brand, consolidate it and launch new variants under that…rather than launching newer & newer brands). With its portfolio expansion into winter soaps, deos, creams & face washes – it will not be targeting just the young mother’s. In the face of an expanded product portfolio & a diverse TG – it needs to eke out a brand purpose which can fit all, yet with individual relevance.

(2) In the socio-digital age…consumers are looking for digital engagement. Engagement which builds a 24/7 & 365 day relationship with the brand. They want a brand to enable them, participate in their life and not just sell to them. They want a more meaningful relationship which is beyond a media-burst based – 3 times a year for 2 weeks each relationship. For these kind of engagements, a positioning or a proposition is not enough. They need to champion a larger human purpose. Example: complete consumer engament strategy This is a deck by me which showcases how brands can do brand purpose based consumer engagement…for which they need to take their mother brand beyond “Surprisingly Younger looking Mom”. One can apply this approach to finding a brand purpose – which builds on its current equity and proposition – without diluting the core.Hope this answers your question.Wolfzhowl Srategic Instigations#wolfSIGHTShttps://in.linkedin.com/in/chall…


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