Brand Purpose Vs Brand Profit Vs Brand Partner Patience

Why do only certain brands have the belief to take the leap & why most others dont?. Why brand partners lack the patience to build brands…for profitability is a huge consideration for the 2/3yr stint marketing team. If you are afflicted with brand love…dont just think crafting a great purpose and having it executed is the end of your responsibility…dont be disappointed if the sales team tells you all is good, but hey! can you help me sell! This deck is supposed to instigate you on…

(1) How unearthing brand values is the most important thing in crafting a great brand purpose and breaking away from the category cliches and taking a leap!

(2) This deck answers the question – after having built a great brand campaign – why do brands fail? Lack of brand custodian & partner patience in thinking about the reality of brand profitability. Duality in behaviour is the need of the hour!

(3) Wow! We have done a great job in crafting a great brand purpose, cracked a great brand campaign – but how do we get on to always on? How do we engage? Refer to Wolfzhowl’s complete consumer engagement strategy.

(4) How do we sustain profitability – how do we address brand’s every day business needs? It requires great patience & partnership to build a great brand, remember the marketer is under more pressure than you from her/his sales team to deliver every day! So wolf becomes white wolf and preaches you patience!! Here’s the instigative deck now:




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