What Game of Thrones Teaches Us About Content Marketing

Game Of Thrones – one of the most successful all time HBO series does not take its success lightly and rest on its laurels.

There seem to be some hardcore strategic efforts into its seasons’ pre-launch.

Here’s a strategic instigation from @wolfzhowl trying to decode & retro-organize the approach behind their 2015 season’s pre-launch content marketing strategy efforts. #wolfSIGHTS

The deck primarily focuses on Game of Thrones, followed by an at best sketchy capture of the Indian Premier League of Cricket’s (IPL’s) efforts at pre-launch content marketing efforts for the 2015 season.

While the analysis of IPL has not been as robust as GoT, we have also studied the individual team efforts in detail (not included in this deck – for reasons of manicuring the length of the deck). Our biggest findings seem to be that IPL actually has pretty decent content – which is not well distributed and well socialized, while better content assets can be developed indigenously and also by borrowing examples from GoT.

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Facebook: Winning in Semi-Urban / Rural India

Facebook is a platform which is getting adopted in India with voracious appetite. Announcement of internet.org etc; only showcases how hungry platforms are to become the default window to the world for Indians.

However there are socio-cultural behaviors which impede this adoption and most importantly restrict active participation in semi-urban & rural India. #stratalogues 2013.

Social media in semi-urban & rural India – even among those adopted is a consumption platform and not a sharing/participation platform. This makes the platform itself less sticky for these users and also lower participation makes it a non-engagement /non-interaction medium, making it less attractive for marketers to deploy it for targeting their semi-urban/rural users. #wolfSIGHTS

This presentation aims to instigate Facebook to adopt certain measures which shall enable it to increase more active participation rather than passive consumption amongst its semi-urban & rural user base in India.

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Facebook “shared photo album” deployed for brands.

Facebook “shared photo album” deployed for brands.

A strategic provocation by wolfzhowl on how Facebook’s latest feature “shared photo album” deployed can be deployed by brands.

Digital is a medium which is even more about human emotion & human behaviour. Hence you should identify the behaviour insights of the human being using the technology & channel first before mining and utilising the equally important channel insights/mechanics. However the sequence always has to be human being first. This provocation is an apt example of the same 🙂